The 10 Best Travel Makeup Bags for 2018

If you’ve been traveling for years and you still haven’t found the perfect luggage set, you’re not alone. In my search for travel cosmetic bags, I’ve found some that were too big, some that were too small, but none that were just right.

I’ve gone through literally dozens of toiletry and cosmetic bags over the years, trying to find “the one”. Unfortunately, finding the best makeup bag for travel was like trying to find a summer love like Allie had in the Notebook: it was impossible.

Thankfully, times have changed and there are now hundreds of awesome options for every kind of trip for you to choose from.

Luckily for you, I’ve done the research, have weeded out the bad ones, and have left you with 10 stellar cosmetic travel bag options. I guarantee you’ll find your Noah of travel bags on the list.

Start off your 2018 right with one of these 10 best travel makeup bags:

Jetsetter – Honest Beauty

This gorgeous little bag is a cute way to pack your makeup when you’re short on space. Because it’s small, it’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for something that you can quickly stash in your plane personal item.

There are two see through pockets, which makes it easy to find what you need in a snap. You won’t be searching through a seemingly endless pouch for that specific perfume sample you need.

If that wasn’t enough, the adorable faux leather finish and tassle make it the perfect travel companion.


  • Easy to see what you’re packing
  • Vegan leather composition
  • Compact and easy to store


  • No handle to hang the bag from in the bathroom
  • Not machine washable

Lay-N-Go Cosmo – Lay-N-Go

For those looking for the ultimate carryall solution, you’ve found it. This user friendly makeup bag is there to make your life easier.

What this bag lacks in protection and separate zippered compartments, it makes up for in versatility. Welcome to your new portable vanity.

With this, you have instant access to all of your makeup and a tray to protect your valuables from the wet bathroom countertop. It’s also squishable, which means you can easily transfer it from your suitcase to any bag you have with you for your day of traveling.


  • Easy to store in backpack or luggage
  • Has brush holders
  • Easy 5 second cleanup
  • Provides surface to keep makeup dry
  • Has hook to hang in bathroom
  • Machine Washable
  • Can easily view all contents


  • Makeup breakage may be easy since the bag is so malleable
  • Brushes are not protected from the other elements in the bag

Sonia Kashuk Always Organized – Target

If the pattern and gold details weren’t enough to make you want this bag, how safe your brushes and makeup are in this bag will.

Though this little case is optimized for home organization, it has all of the makings of a great travel bag. It has see through compartments, which helps you get ready faster in the morning and helps you maximize precious sight-seeing time.

There is also more than enough padding to keep you at ease when checking in your bag. Broken palettes upon arrival will be a thing of the past.


  • Secure inside zipper closures
  • 3 separate areas for makeup and brushes
  • Lays flat in suitcases and carry ons
  • Ample padding
  • See through pockets for easy access


  • No tab to hang in bathroom

Extra Small Packing Cube – EzPacking

If you’re a frequent carry on only traveler, this is the packing cube you need in your life.

Perfect for toiletries and make up, this little bag will get you through security in a flash. You just need to take the cube out of your bag and place it in the tray provided.

If I were to use this for my travel makeup, I would purchase a small roller to protect my brushes from getting hit by the hard liquid containers. Since it’s vinyl, cleanup for any spills that may happen is super simple with a bit of soap and water.


  • TSA 3-1-1 compliant
  • Handle for easy bag removal and hanging
  • See through on most sides
  • Easy to clean vinyl


  • Hand wash only
  • Little protection

Tartan + Twine Weekender – Ulta

Like the Sonia Kashuk bag above, the weekender has all of the same padding and pockets, but with a unique addition.

One of the Sonia’s bag only cons was the fact that you weren’t able to hang it in the bathroom; the Tartan and Twine Weekender fixes this problem.

You can use this bag as a small personal item, or pack it nicely in any suitcase or duffle. The handles can be tucked away neatly when not in use.


  • Large handle for ease of travel
  • 3 distinct pockets for different types of makeup
  • See through pockets
  • Secure zipper closures in bag
  • Lots of padding for protection


  • Not machine washable

Pockettrip Clear Cosmetic Bag – Amazon

(large version shown; linked is a smaller bag designed specifically for cosmetics)

As happens frequently on Amazon, the pictures don’t always match the products. The above photo is the same style as the product for sale, but shows a much larger version of the actual (perfectly sized) cosmetics bag.

If you want a cheap bag that will stand the test of time and hold all your travel makeup in one place, you’ve found the right product.

For the budget traveler, this is a great option to organize and store everything in your beauty routine from brushes to blushes.

You won’t get zippers to securely store everything you own and there will be less padding than other options above, but if you’re looking for something to toss in your carry on to fashionably take you from point A to point B, this is for you.


  • Mesh pockets to easily see products
  • Waterproof bag
  • Handle to hang in bathroom
  • Distinct place to put brushes


  • Because of the lower price point, durability is a factor to be considered
  • Less padding than other options
  • Actual product is smaller than the only photo provided
  • No zippers for the separate compartments

Travel Cosmetic Case – Lilly Pulitzer

This cute bag is giving me major beach envy by just looking at it. If you’re the kind of person constantly dreaming about your next tropical vacation destination, this is the pouch you need.

There are two little zippered compartments inside, with an additional outside zipper to store jewelry when not in use.

The bag is not see through, but you should be able to keep everything organized with the help of the inside pockets and the ample space inside to stand up select full-sized bottles. This is a great bag to use when you have a full suitcase to pack and check.


  • Three secure zippered pockets
  • Lots of padding
  • Space for tall cosmetic items, like foams and cleansers


  • No handle to hang in bathroom
  • Not see through

The Weekender – Sephora

Since this case is made by one of the largest makeup companies in the US, you can trust that this case will protect your makeup like no other.

The best part about this case is the brush compartment. There is room for 7 (yes, 7) brushes to be fully protected from everything else you need. This bag is not for the casual eyeliner and gloss user.

If you’re serious about protecting your makeup and accessories, this is the case you need in your bag.


  • Hidden hook to hang in bathroom
  • Mesh pockets on the inside
  • 7 brush capacity
  • Zippered compartments to keep everything in place
  • Padded to the brim


  • No outside handle

Hadaki – Luggage Pros

The website Luggage Pros is not messing around when they say they’ve found the best of the best for travel. This is basically the it bag for travel cosmetics.

You have vegan leather, clear pouches, handles, padding, and a design to wow. What else could you need in a bag?

The only downside is that if you’re putting this into your carry on and fill it, it could get a bit bulky. That’s a side effect of the pro that you can fit everything you need to and more in here.

Based on my tendency to overpack (even for day trips), this is my top pick for bags that I need to add to upgrade my luggage game.


  • Large handle to hang bag from
  • Two zippered compartments
  • Clear inside pouches to see what you have
  • Bonus small clear zipper pouch included
  • Can fold completely flat
  • Vegan leather exterior


  • Will be bulky if stuffed to the brim

Whether you’re looking for convenience or style, full sized or petite, or expensive or no frills, we’ve got you covered. You and your luggage will be looking flawless when you set off to your next location.

If you own any of the bags above or have a favorite go-to makeup bag not listed above, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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